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Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika’s Grade 1 Team Website. You can come here to get a general idea of what your child is doing in Grade 1 at IST. Please note that the teachers do differentiate the work in order to challenge each child individually so your child may not be working specifically on what is posted here.





Toast to the New Year


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Everyday Maths: Unit 5


Place Value, Number Stories and Basic Facts

As their work in mathematics progresses, children are beginning to use larger numbers. In Unit 5, children will begin to explore the system we use for writing large numbers by focusing on the idea of  place value. For example, in the number 72, 7 is in the tens place, so there are “7 tens”, and 2 is in the ones place, so there are “2 ones”. Children will use base-10 blocks to represent numbers and to find the sum of two numbers. They will also use place value to determine “greater than” and “less than” relationships.

Later in the unit, children will continue to work with addition facts. Shortcuts for learning facts will be introduced. One shortcut is the turn-around rule, which states that the order in which numbers are added does not change the sum. For example 4+3 and 3+4 both equal 7. Your child will also learn the meaning of adding 0 and 1 to any number. Knowing these shortcuts will make the task of learning addition facts easier.

Children will also practice place value and addition and subtraction facts by acting out number stories. They will act out these stories using concrete objects and will begin to represent stories with number models.

1R imovie with parents


This morning 1R parents visited the ICT Labs and had the chance to see the imovies that the students created.

Grade 3 Business Fair


Grade 3 Business Fair

Thursday 5th December

Roots and Shoots

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow there will be a Roots and Shoots day to raise awareness about the concern for the ENVIRONMENT and how a healthy environment is needed for the other two elements of ANIMALS and COMMUNITY to flourish. This links really well with our unit about ‘Sharing the Planet’, so to help the children show their support we are asking everyone to wear BLUE OR GREEN FREE DRESS THIS FRIDAY.

There will also be some things to purchase, so please help children bring some money. All money raised will go to TAWESO and their building of Dar’s first Animal Rescue Centre. A great cause!!!

A reminder that the Grade 1’s will be performing in the Music Concert on Tuesday December 3rd at 7.30am in the hall and they are required to wear smart casual dress, no jeans.

Thank you for your support
The Grade 1 Team

Technology Workshop for Parents


tech workshop-27 Nov