Literacy Work in Grade 1


We are currently finishing poetry and starting story writing. It should be very exciting as we learn about the beginning (introduction), middle (problem) and end (solution) of stories. To help at home, you can ask your child about the characters, setting and structure of a story when your child is reading or when you have read them a story.

We are also working on reading and writing the long vowel sounds including the many ways that they are spelled. For example, the long a sound can be spelled many ways, such as ‘a_e, ay, ai’.

We are also looking at homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings) and antonyms (words with opposite meanings such as big-small).

As always, we are working on writing our letters using correct letter formation and remembering to start our sentences with capital letters and end them with punctuation. Besides our daily reading and handwriting homework, we will also be sending home some fun sight word (words that can’t be spelled phonetically but just have to be learned) activities. Please check and supervise this homework. It is important that children read out loud to you in order for you to correct them and check their comprehension. It is equally important to supervise the handwriting homework to ensure correct letter formation!


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