Unit of Inquiry – Ducking For Cover

We are beginning our new unit of inquiry ‘Ducking For Cover’.

The central idea is:
Geographical location, availability of materials and cultural traditions all influence the style and construction of different homes and shelters around the world.

We will be focusing on:
What types of houses/shelters are found in different parts of the world?
What has affected the way in which these shelters have been made?
Have traditions and cultures been respected and maintained by younger
generations with regard to these shelters?

During this unit children will be looking at their own homes, homes they may have previously lived in, homes around Tanzania and then homes around the world.

In conjunction with this unit children will be focusing on how to
write reports. Parents are more than welcome to send in any information on various houses and/or pictures they may have from houses where they live/lived or of relatives abroad.


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