Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

Lots of you are asking us to move children “up” in the home reading books. We would once again like to explain that home readers should be at the child’s independent reading level. This means that they should be able to read the book independently. Home reading is reading for fun and is meant to motivate children. Should you feel you need other books, please do not hesitate to go to the library before or after school.

Reading is not only about decoding words. Students need a certain level of fluency and reading comprehension in order to progress to the next reading level..

This is also tested when we assess the students with the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment). We are working on putting together a workshop for you that will explain the DRA, as well as our G1 differentiation in more detail. We will send out more information about this asap.

Within each color of home reader, there are various levels. Some books may seem ‘easy” and some more difficult. This is because your child is learning to find a ‘just-right” book for themselves within this range. It is important that the child chooses his/her own book but you can always “assist” if necessary.

In class, the children are reading at their instructional level which is higher than the independent level.

Feel free to talk to your classroom teacher if you feel your child is not in the right reading group. The teacher can then follow up on your suggestion and do an informal reading assessment or explain to you why your child is placed in their given level.

Please remember that students are not in a reading competition. They are all doing their best according to their past experiences and abilities.

On Friday, September 17th, there will be an EC-G2 assembly in the hall. Karibu to join us. This Grade One assembly will be led by Ms. Sally’s and Ms. Ellen’s class although the whole Grade One will also perform a song. We have another assembly later in the school year which will be headed by Ms. Ashleigh’s and Ms. Trisha’s class.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that there is no school on Thursday, Sept. 9th and Friday, Sept. 10th. Happy Eid!

Thank you,

Grade One Team


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