Workshop follow-up

Thank you for attending our “DRA’s and Differentiation workshop”.  We hope you have found the information useful.
Some parents requested a bit more information about skills we focus on during Guided Reading and strategies students can use to decode difficult words.

Some of our focuses in Guided Reading are:

•Fiction/non fiction
•What can you tell from the cover?
•Picture walk
•Table of content
•Retelling using key concepts and characters
•Sight words
•Phonics (focus on certain sounds)
•Making important text-to-self connections
•Predicting what may happen next
•Making inferences
•Strategies to decode difficult words

Keys to unlocking tricky words

  1. Look at the picture
  2. Look at the beginning letter, say the first sound, and think about the pictures
  3. Look at what you know inside the words (patterns, chunks, blends)
  4. Slide your finger along the word as you sound out the letters and chunks
  5. Cover up part of the word and sound it out in sections
  6. Skip the word and read the rest of the sentence.  What word would make sense and match the letters and sounds in the word.
  7. Try another word if your word does not make sense, sound right or look right
  8. Most of all, maintain the flow.  If you get too caught up on tricky words, choose a slightly easier book.

One Response to Workshop follow-up

  1. Thank you Grade 1 teachers for your continued efforts to enhance student learning at IST. Your workshop for parents was well received and much appreciated. Thank you!!!

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