‘What’s in the Bin’ Unit starting after Break

Dear Parents,

We are launching a new Unit of Inquiry this week called “What’s in the Bin?” For the next 5-6 weeks we will be looking around school, checking for rubbish and forming plans on how we can help towards “reducing, reusing and recycling”.

By the end of this Unit, your child should have some understanding of…

  • what we throw away
  • the disposal of waste
  • waste and its effect on the environment
  • conserving the resources that we have (e.g. water, electricity, paper)
  • how they can take more care of their immediate environment both at home and at school

On the first week of November, our Grade One classes will be going on a field trip to Wonder Welders. This trip is in conjunction with our new unit of inquiry ‘What’s in the Bin?’ The purpose is to explore how people can reuse and recycle waste materials. We are hoping this trip will help motivate and encourage students to take an active role in learning about the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We are asking students to please bring in 5000tsh with their permission slips to help cover the cost of materials we will use on the trip.

For insurance purposes we are unable to take students who have not returned their permission slips. Therefore, please complete and return the permission form by Friday, October 29th 2010.

Thank you!

Grade One Team


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