Friendly Reminders

These next few weeks, G1 is doing various assessments with the students.  These will include DRA’s, writing samples, math assessment and our post-assessment for our current unit.  These take a lot of puzzling and planning.  Please warn the classroom teacher should you know in advance that your child will not be attending school on a given day.

Please also remember that school starts at 7.10am each day.  Ideally your child will arrive in school by 7am so they have time to change their books before the bell rings.  Students consistently arriving late often miss important instruction and can be disruptive for other students.

We would also like to remind you that school ends at 1.15.  Please pick up your child promptly in class at this time.  Teachers and assistants often have meetings or After School Activities to run which start at 1.30.  This gives us 15min to have a short lunch/break…if everyone picks up their children on time! Children who are still in the classroom by 1.30 will be taken to the office where they will wait until they are picked up.

Thank you for your understanding.

Grade One Team


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