After School Activities

Please be reminded that the last day of After School Activities this term is Friday, December 3rd.

There are NO activities the last 2 weeks of this term so please pick up your child at 1.15!

You will be receiving an email ( and read in the EE ) that you can sign your child up for new activities starting Friday, December 3rd.

Please make sure you register your child for activities by Friday, December 10th.  Children who have not signed up by this time will not be able to participate in term 3 After School Activities.

New log-in names and passwords will be handed out and these will remain the same for your child’s entire stay at IST so please note them in a safe place.  We will not be sending them out each term.  New students and KG students will receive individual letters as this is their first time to sign up.

We are writing your child’s log-in name and password in their link book this week.

Please be reminded that After School Activities should be fun!  We strongly encourage you to let your child choose which activities they’d like to participate in.

After School Activities Assembly will take place on Friday, December 3rd on the covered court.


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