Class parties and portfolios

Although we realize that some students are leaving for their December holiday early, all Grade One class parties will be in the final week of school.  You class teacher will let you know the exact day and time.  Please sign up outside your child’s class and bring a nibble or drink to share.

We combine our end of year parties with the opportunity for your son/daughter to share their portfolio work with you.  It would be great if you could attend and celebrate the end of the year with us.   Should you be unable to attend, please take a moment in the following week(s) to sit down with your child in the morning or right after school and have them share their portfolio with you then.

The students are extremely proud of their work so please make sure you keep all comments positive!  Portfolios contain various pieces of work, chosen by your child and/or by the teacher.  The work reflects your child’s progress and shows the evolution of your child’s work this year.

Class parties dates and times:

G1R- Ms. Ashleigh: Tuesday, December 14th, 12.00-1.15

G1C- Ms. Ellen: Wednesday, December 15th, 12.00-1.15

G1L- Ms. Sally: Thursday, December 16th, 12.00-1.00

G1E- Ms. Trisha: Friday, December 17th, right after the whole school assembly


We hope to see you there!

Grade One Team


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