Homework over the holidays

Your children have worked very hard these last months.  We strongly feel that they deserve a well-rested holiday.  Should your child want to do some work, they may finish their math homework booklet completely.  This is not mandatory!  New homework will be started after the holidays.

Your classroom teacher will not be providing any other work.

Some other activities your child can do over the holidays include:

  • Keeping a journal
  • Writing letters/emails to family members
  • Cooking ( good for reading and math)
  • Borrowing a stack of books from the library before the holiday starts
  • Practicing sight words (the cards were sent home earlier this year)
  • Board games that include counting and hopping spaces (e.g. Children’s Monopoly)
  • Playing language games (e.g. taking turns naming animals/food that starts with A,B,C or            making word chains by having to use the last letter from the previous word  animals= beaR – RabbiT- TurtlE-Elephant)  These are great to play on road trips or in the airplane!

Grade One Team


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  1. Nafisha Ladak says:

    These are great ideas and very helpful. Thanks so much,

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