New Homework

Dear parents,

This is your child’s homework booklet for January-May, 2011.  We have written the corresponding dates on each week.  There is no homework planned for the April break and for the Easter weekend.

The booklet contains literacy, math and book reports per week.  There are also some blank (lined) pages in the booklet that we will use for extra writing and/or Unit of Inquiry assignments.  Children that need extra handwriting practice will receive a separate booklet for this.

Please have your child complete their homework weekly and make sure the homework is brought into class each Friday so the teacher can check it.

As with the previous homework, we ask you to please check that your child has completed the work properly, neatly and in pencil.  Feel free to give some guidance and help but please… do not have your child correct all their mistakes.  This allows the teacher to see what your child needs to work on in class.

Should your child not be able to complete the homework for some reason (e.g. too difficult, visitors from out of town, sickness,…), please note this in the link book.

We’d also like to ask you to not have your child work ahead in their homework booklet. Should you find it necessary for your child to do extra work, we posted some possible (home) activities on the Grade One blog before the holidays.

Thank you,

Grade One Team


2 Responses to New Homework

  1. Andrew Perkin says:

    Thanks G1 Team,

    Andy (Amani’s father)

  2. Anne Schram says:

    Dear Ellen and Team,

    Thank you for the new homework booklet. It is very impressive and well-organized. It looks like fun to make too. I am also very pleased with the extra attention for handwriting. Thank you very much!

    Anne Schram (mama Thjom)

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