New math unit

Dear Parents,

We have started our Unit 5 in Everyday Mathematics. This unit focuses on number stories and identifying if the problem requires addition or subtraction. Students will work on cementing their knowledge of place value of 2-digit numbers and representing numbers in different forms, such as using rods and cubes, using a number line, or drawing pictures.

Important Vocabulary

  • Greater than/ less than/ equal to
  • Weight
  • Kilogram, gram
  • Estimate
  • Surface


At-Home Activities You can Practice

  • Examine different weights of various items in your kitchen and compare different types of units of measurements. Ask questions such as “What do you notice is the difference between things measures in Litres and Grams? What unit of measurement do you think my water will be measured in?”
  • Have child solve simple math problems such as “Jack has 12 cents and Jill has 8 cents. Who has less money? How much less?
  • Have your child make estimates of length, weight, and number of items


Please note that our math homework will now be integrated into one large homework booklet that your child will bring home. The layout is similar to term one and two’s homework.


Thanks for your support,

Grade One Team



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