Spelling List and Test this week: long E sound

Some Mondays, Grade One will send home a list of words that have the sounds we have been studying for the previous week(s).  You can check in your child’s link book which weeks there will be a spelling test.  There will not be a spelling list each week.

We are asking that your child choose 10 words (1-4 from each sound) that he/she wants to learn this week.  Please practice the words at home and learn what they mean so that your child knows how to spell them on Friday for our spelling test.


Monday:  You will choose spelling words in class and will write “spelling week” in our link book.  Please learn what the words mean at home.  Practice your words by writing them and/or making sentences with them.

Tuesday– Thursday: Practice some more to get ready for Friday’s test.

Friday: bring in your Spelling List for the test.  You need to spell each word and then there will be 3 dictation sentences including a spelling word or two.



Grade One Team


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