Activities for Students on the BLOG

If you click the STUDENT tab on this page (Grade One Blog), it will take you to a page of fun activities that your child can do.  This page also has some child-friendly search engines that may help you find some research for our current unit.

Each Grace One class is researching a specific habitat.  In the final week of this unit, they will share and teach the other classes about this habitat.

  • Ms. Ashleigh’s class: fresh water habitats
  • Ms. Tabitha:  polar regions
  • Ms. Sally: the rain forest
  • Ms. Ellen: the desert

Within each habitat, your child is assigned a specific topic (e.g. meerkats in the desert, seals in the polar region, rainfall in the rain forest).  You do NOT have to write a report on this at home but please talk about this subject with your child and help them find some information at their level that might help them with their project in class.

Children are also encouraged to do an experiment related to their topic.  Please help brainstorm ideas, collect materials or help your child with their experiment at home.

At the bottom of the STUDENT page on our blog, we have also added a link to NETVIBES.  This page contains games and activities that we have used in class and/or during IT and that are linked with work we have done in class.   Your child can continue playing/practicing these at home.

Have a great weekend!

Grade One Team



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