Homework Information


We have had a lot of questions concerning homework lately.  It is very difficult to cater homework for 80 individual students across Grade One.  Some parents would like more work, others less.  Therefore the G1 team put together 2 different levels of homework booklets to hand out and will supplement these with some handwriting work where needed.


We realize that lots of our students take other classes after school and may not have adequate time to finish all the homework every week.  Please consider the homework booklet as an opportunity to do some extra work or practice. This does not mean that all the homework has to be completed every week.


We do ask that you then note this in the link book/homework booklet, send an email or just verbally inform us if this is the case.  This allows us to see who didn’t have time and which students just ‘forgot’ to do their work.  We expect ALL booklets in every Friday even if they are not finished!


Should you not have enough time to complete all homework, choose which subject might be most beneficial to your child (language/math/writing) and cross out the rest of the work that week, but please remember to let us know one way or the other.


For the weekly book report: Our focus is on comprehension and not on reading or writing.  Feel free to scribe (write) the answers for your child and use a story that you’ve read aloud to them.


For weekly writing, we will sometimes write a topic in the booklet.  If there is no title, your child can write about anything they like.

Some ideas:

  • A story about …
  • My mom…
  • My dad…
  • When I grow up…
  • The day I got very dirty…

Please don’t feel obliged to have your child write 2 full pages.


Spelling words and test will only happen every few weeks as we finish a new sound (e.g. long e, long i). This will be noted in the link book and posted on our Grade 1 blog.  We do not have set dates for this as we don’t know how long it will take each class to master this concept.  Please remember to leave the spelling list in your child’s folder as they will need it that Friday for their spelling test.


Extra handwriting: if your child received an extra handwriting book, please do not have them complete more than 1 page per day.  The minimum should be 2-3 pages per week.


Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.

Thank you!

Grade One Team


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