Friendship Duka February 11th

On Friday, February 11th, the parent group is organizing a Friendship Duka.  Children will be able to buy little snacks and gifts for themselves and/or their friends.

Please don’t forget to give your child some money that day if you’d like them to buy something.  Prices vary from 500tsh-?

Please read the following posting from the parents group

FRIENDSHIP DUKA!! FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11 at 9:30 a.m. to 10:00  (during first break)

This was such a BIG HIT with the kids last year that we are doing it again this year. We need your help to make it even better than ever. This year we will have a table in each quad to make sure that every kid has a chance to buy something. All contributions welcome. Please contact the person who is coordinating the quad where you would like to contribute or would like to volunteer your time the day of the duka;;

EC/KG quad: Becky McElroy (0754788952)/Nafisha Ladak (0784206153)
1st and 2nd grade quad: Rose Bowmaker (00767266939
3rd,4th and 5th grade quad: Karlien Botes (0787074805)

Thank you! Posted by Karlien Botes and Becky McElroy, co-coordinators of the Social Working group.


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