1L’s New Species in the Rainforest

1L has been studying rainforest plants and animals and ways they adapt to living in the rainforest. We’ve learned about how some animals have camouflage or bright colours, the interdependence between some plants and animals and various ways animal and plant differences help them to survive.

In IT, students are being creative and inventing their own animals that are adapted to living in a rainforest. Some have special colouring, eat strange foods, fly or glide and have other special features. This project will help our class in commencing our literacy story writing unit which starts next week. Ask your child about his/her creatures special adaptations for living in the rainforest.


One Response to 1L’s New Species in the Rainforest

  1. Like it very much. I am a researcher on the forest animals of TAnzania especialy bushbabies. I would be happy to come in and give a talk/presentaion to grade 1.

    Cheers Andy (Amani Doggart’s father)

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