Friendly Reminders

Dear parents,

Here are some friendly reminders:

  • Yesterday we sent home letters regarding the “IST has Talent” show.  Should your child wish to participate, please remember to sign up before Friday.  Children prepare and practice an act at home.  Please be aware that, should your child be chosen to perform, you will have to attend the event as there will be no supervision provided by IST staff.


  • Today we are sending home your allocated time for the Student Led Conferences of Thursday, March 17thPlease confirm this time in your child’s link book.  Should you not be able to make it that day, please inform the teacher.  You can then arrange another time to look at your child’s portfolio.   We will not be able to provide a full conference for you on a different day.  Thank you for your understanding.


  • Student Led Conferences were developed to celebrate your child’s accomplishments.  They have worked very hard this year and are proud to show their work.  This should be a positive experience for you and your child.  Your child, as well as the teacher, will be sharing their 2 stars and a wish with you.  These are 2 things your child is good at and 1 thing we encourage them to work on.  Please be prepared with 2 stars and a wish for your child when attending the conference.  We will go over these at one of our stations at the conference.   The second station allows your child to show you their portfolio.  At stations 3 and 4, your child can share some language and math activities with you.  Each station will last 10 minutes and we are on a tight schedule.  Please make sure you arrive on time for your 40min slot to optimize the time.


  • The Student Led Conferences are not a Parent-Teacher Conference.  This is not the time to ask questions about homework or raise concerns about progress or curriculum.  Should you have any questions about these or other matters, please schedule a separate appointment with the class teacher for another day.


  • There is no school for students on Student Led Conference day.  Should you have to attend more than one conference, supervision will be provided at the EC playground only for IST siblings whose parents are attending another conference.  We urge you to make other arrangements for siblings not attending IST elementary.  In order for your child to be in the spotlight, we will not allow any siblings into the classroom during your child’s conference.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Grade One Team


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