Story Elements

I am sure that you read a story with your child every night.  But how many times do you stop and think about the story? Or discuss the story elements with your child?  The students will begin writing their very own story within the next couple of weeks.  Therefore we are delving more into components that make up a good story.  What are the components of a story?

Let’s use a classic fairy tale as our example – The Gingerbread Man.  Every story has characters.  These are the people or animals in the story.  In our example, it depends on the version, but all have an old man, an old woman, a fox and a Gingerbread man.  Then we move onto setting, where the story is taking place.  In most Gingerbread Man stories, the setting is in the countryside.  Now we have the foundation of a story, next we need a problem and solution.  In the Gingerbread Man, the problem is that no one can catch the gingerbread man.  The solution is that the fox tricks the gingerbread man and finally catches him.  So to recap, most stories have characters, a setting, a problem and a solution.

Next time you read a storybook to your child, stop and talk about some of the story elements that they are working on in school.  Also be on the look out for your child’s very own published story in the next few weeks.


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