New Math Unit

Dear Parents,

We are starting our Unit 7 in Everyday Mathematics. In this unit, children will work with 2-dimensional shapes. First, children will classify blocks by shape, color and size. Then they will learn to recognize attributes such as number of sides and angles. Later they will build their own shapes, including polygons.

Children will also work with 3-dimensional shapes they encounter everyday. Children will begin to identify similarities and differences among the following 3-dimensional shapes: prisms, pyramids, spheres, cylinders, and cones. They will learn to identify characteristics, using terms such as flat, round, edges and corners. They will learn the names of the shapes in class.

In the last lesson of this unit, we will explore symmetry. Students will learn to recognize symmetrical shapes in real life and be asked to produce an image with one line of symmetry.

Important Vocabulary

At-Home Activities You can Practice
Look for geometric shapes around the house, at the supermarket, as part of the architectural features, and on street signs. Begin to call these shapes by their geometric names.

Continue to work on addition and subtraction facts using Fact Triangles, short drill sessions and any of the games introduced at school.

Occasionally ask questions about time: What time is it? What time will it be in five minutes? In ten minutes? In one hour?

Thanks for your support,
Grade One Team


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