SLC and After School Activities

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Dear parents,

Thank you for attending our Student Led Conferences.  We hope you enjoyed them.  The students were very proud of their work.

Please remember to fill out the Conference Reflection form that the teacher gave to you and return it sometime next week.  We appreciate any feedback.

Starting Monday, March 21st, you will be able to sign up your child for After School Activities. 

Here are a few friendly reminders:

  1. The procedure of how to sign up for activities (through the IST website) is posted in this week’s EE.
  2. The passwords are the same ones you used for term 1 and term 2. 
  3. G1 children can sign up for 2 activities per week
  4. Activities run from 1.30-2.15.  Please pick up your child promptly at their activity or let the activity leader know your child can go to the car park by themselves.
  5. Please have your child bring an extra snack and drink on the day they have activities.  An extra hat is needed for outside activities.
  6. Please have your child choose the activity.  This should be FUN for your child.  You can encourage your child to do a variety of activities throughout the year (e.g. sports, crafts, …) but ultimately it should be their choice!
  7. Please consider siblings when signing up for activities.  IST does not provide supervision for students “waiting for their sibling who has an activity”.  Children who don’t have an After School Activity should not be on campus after 1.30 unless they are with a parent/guardian.
  8. We are teaching the students to be responsible for their choices.  Please make sure your child knows that, if they choose an activity, they should attend this until the end of term.  We currently have too many students ‘giving up’ an activity half-way.  These children will not be able to choose another activity for that term.  We ask you to encourage your child to follow through with what they chooseCommitment is part of the IST Twiga Way.
  9. Please make sure you sign up for After School Activities by Friday, March 25th.  Children who are not signed up by this time will not be able to join an After School Activity next term.

Grade One Team


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