TwIST-ing the Twiga Way in Grade 1

FromMarch 21st-25th, Grade One will have an extra student.  The IST mascotte, TwIST, will be attending Grade One that week.

TwIST will join us to show us the Twiga Way.  Just like giraffes, IST students strive to be:

1.  caring/big hearted
2.  helpful
3.  unique
4.  committed (keep trying and don’t give up)
5.  able to stick your neck out (risk taker/standing up for each other)

This week we will be focusing extra hard on our Twiga characteristics.

We will have a huge giraffe up in the G1 quad next to the restrooms.  This giraffe does not have any spots…yet.  The whole week, G1 students will be able to “award” spots to their fellow classmates for displaying Twiga behavior.   These students can then write their name on the spot and stick it on our display.

We hope to have our giraffe very “spotty” by the end of next week.

Please take a moment to talk to your child about the Twiga Way at home.  Should you find the time, please check out our funky Twiga in the quad next week!

Thank you!

Grade One Team


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