Messages for Japan

The unit of inquiry in Grade 3 at the moment is Heroes, and Sadako Sasaki is the chosen class hero in Ms Tima’s class. About three weeks ago Mr Hiroki Gomi, a Japanese parent at the school came to talk to Ms Anne’s and Ms Tima’s grade 3 classes, about Sadako.

Sadako was the young Japanese girl who was only two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945, near her home in Hiroshima. As a result of this Sadako developed leukaemia from the radiation and she died in 1955. The book, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, illustrates her story.

Mr Gomi made a similar presentation last year after which, grade 3 students managed to make the symbolic 1000 paper cranes which Mr Gomi took to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on behalf of IST students. The Grade 3 classes have once again decided to make 1000 paper cranes.

 Following the terrible disasters, which hit Japan on March 11th, Grade 3 asked Mr Gomi back to talk with to them and help them find out if there was anything IST could do.

Last Friday, March 18th Mr Gomi talked about his family, the earthquake, the tsunami and problems at the nuclear power plants. The students were very engaged and respectful and asked many questions.

Mr Gomi has suggested an idea to show support to the Japanese people. He has a blog and he has started to post friend’s messages of hope and sympathy, along with a photograph on the blog.

He would like it very much if you would consider allowing your child to take part in what he calls, “Changamoto Japan.” ( Kiswahili) or “Cheering up the Japanese people.” He thinks messages of support and hope for the future would really help the Japanese people at this time.

We have attached a letter from Mr Gomi and the link to his blog which illustrates messages sent by Tanzanian students and friends.

If you would like your child to take part in this project please complete the permission form that we are sending out this week. Have your child write and/or draw a message at home and send it in to your classroom teacher together with the permission form.

Mr Gomi will come to the class later in the week to take photographs of the students and teachers with their messages and then post onto his blog.

You can check out his blog at :

We have attached a short letter from Mr Gomi.


Grade One Team

Request of cheering for Japanese people

Dear parents,

As you know, the big earthquake hit to Japan last Friday. According to news, the situation of this disaster has not be clear yet. I have prayed since that time. On the other hand, I have started to cheer for Japanese people as using my blog on internet. I ask my friends to write some message for Japanese people. And then, I ask to take their photos with their message. After those, I put their photos and messages on my blog. I am not sure that how many people would see my blog. But, I think that doing something is better than nothing. If you agree with me, please let me ask your kids to write some messages and allow to take photos. Then also, I would like you to let me put their photos and messages on my blog. I do not want to force you. Just please consider about above.

Hiroki Gomi (a parent)


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