Grade 1 & 3

music morning


May 18th

Please come join us in the hall at 7.30am to see your child perform!



We are very busy assessing the students for Unit of Inquiry, Math and Reading/Writing.  Please inform the teacher asap if your child will not be in school that day.  We have lots of children out with chicken pox and other illnesses.  Please do not send them back to school if still contagious but send your child in as soon as it is safe.

We will do our best to assess these children at a later date.

Some assessments are done individually and some in group. PLEASE make sure your child is in school by 7.10 at the latest.  It is disruptive for the other students if children continuously arrive late as instruction than has to be repeated.

Thank you for your understanding!


Reports will be sent home on June 9th.  We are not able to hand reports out early.  Should you be leaving before this date, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your child’s report and let your classroom teacher know.  More information on the reports and how to interpret them will be sent out in the Essentially Elementary and will be posted by Grade One on their BLOG in June.


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