Dear parents,

We’ve been having some difficulties with printing reports.  They will be handed out as soon as possibly.  This could be today or tomorrow.  Should you not be in school tomorrow, please let your class teacher know who will be picking up your child’s report.

Below you can find some additional report clarification.

Grade One Team


Report Clarification


Records of Work: 


This is the loose insert in the report.  On this insert, you will find the benchmarks that your child has to achieve by the end of Grade One for each subject.  Should your child have reached these Grade One benchmarks, this will be marked as SECURE (S) on your child’s report.


Letter grades


  • E = Exceeding:  your child is exceeding and working above grade level in this are
  • S = Secure:  your child is working at Grade One level for this area and is meeting the benchmarks mentioned in the Records of Work.
  • D = Developing:  Your child is working towards the Grade One benchmarks but is currently slightly below grade level in this area.
  • C= Concern:  Your child is not meeting the Grade One benchmarks and is well below grade level in this area.




For each subject, we write the areas of strength and the areas of improvement.  Areas of improvement are things your child can focus on in order to improve (even further) in that area.  If a child is already Exceeding in an area, the teacher may still write some areas for improvement for that child, in order to set goals/targets for improvement.


Language:  (letter grades and written comments)


Writing is split up in 2 sections: 


  • conventions ( e.g. phonics, spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • content (e.g. ideas, organization, voice). 


Reading also has 2 sections: 


  • reading comprehension (e.g. retelling, predicting, making connections, inferences)
  • reading skills and strategies (e.g. fluency, intonation, reading with expression) 


Oral language (listening and speaking): This can also be commented on in the Learner Profiles


Math:  (letter grades and written comments)


Math is split up in 6 sections:


  • numeration  (e.g. number lines, grids, counting, comparing, …)
  • operations and calculations (e.g. addition and subtraction, number stories, …)
  • Pattern, Function and Form (e.g. making, continuing and recording patterns, including number patterns)
  • Geometry (e.g. basic 2D and 3D shapes)
  • Measurement (e.g. length, clock, temperature, weight, …)
  • Data handling (e.g. interpreting various graphs


Units of Inquiry


Here you will find the assessment criteria that we look at for this unit.  These are standard in each child’s report.  The teacher gives a letter grade for each criteria.


Specials/other subjects


There is a letter grade and a written comment




We will expect most students to be SECURE in most curriculum areas, although it is normal that some children score in the DEVELOPING rubric for 1 or 2 areas.  All our students come from different areas, cultures and backgrounds so there is bound to be some difference.


Some of the children that receive DEVELOPING marks for writing conventions will be recommended to go into EEWW (English Enrichment Writer’s Workshop) next year.  They will then receive EE 3 times a week instead of Kiswahili. 


Some students will be placed in the EAL (English as an Additional Language) next year.  These are mainly students who are still learning English (vocabulary and grammar).  They will receive EAL 3 times a week instead of Kiswahili.


Students receiving exceeding marks are usually the students that receive extension work for these areas in class.


If your child is noted as CONCERN in an area, your classroom teacher will have already talked to you at about this at some point.  It is possible that your child is already on the Learning Support Register or will be recommended for Learning Support next year.




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