Parent/ Teacher Conference Tips

By now, you should have all received information regarding a time for your child’s Parent/ Teacher Conference. Parent/ Teacher Conference times are intended to review a student’s initial progress, express questions and concerns, and make a plan for the upcoming months.  Wow! What a lot to do in a 20-minute conversation! Here are some tips on how to make the most of that time:

  1. We are all on the same team. Come from the mindset that both the teacher and you are there for one purpose only: to maximize your child’s potential. To do so requires teamwork and honesty between the parents and the teacher.
  2. Be on time. Our conference schedules are limited to 20-minute sessions, with no extra time to go over. If you are late, or the teacher has to cut the conversation when you still have questions, please email the teacher to request a follow up meeting.
  3. Stay on topic. It often happens in a good conversation, we get off topic and start discussing peripheral ideas and thoughts. However, as soon as possible, try to get back on the topic of your child’s education in this particular class.
  4. Remember the PYP educational philosophy. IST does not grade or ranks students; we cannot compare students with others.
  5. Be honest and communicate openly. The child we see at school and the child you see at home is sometimes very different. The perspectives you give of your child are valuable to help a teacher understand their student, just as the teacher’s perspective helps you understand your child.
  6. Talk to your child before and after the conference. Before you go, explain to your child what you are going to do. Ask them if they have any questions. When you get back, tell your child what you talked about with their teacher.

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