Grade 1 Students and the Canteen

The novelty of purchasing from the canteen is very strong for Grade 1 students. It has come to our attention that some students in Grade 1 are purchasing food from the canteen for other students. While we applaud the idea of sharing, sharing food at IST is not permitted for various reasons. We will speak to the students in class, but please also do the following:
1. If you give your child money for the canteen, please give money for only that day and limit the amount you give to be only enough for children to get a snack for themselves. Nothing in the canteen is over 1,000 TSH.
2. Monitor your child’s snack and lunch that is brought home. If you notice it isn’t being eaten, please talk to your child about what they ARE eating.
3. Talk to your child about healthy food choices. The food selection in the canteen is not always healthy. If your child is going to choose their own food, they should know what is good and what is not the best choice.

Thank you!


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