How Animals Survive

We have been looking at categorizing features that are particular to them in the past two weeks.  The children were to do research and a presentation to the class on the animal that they studied.  They chose from the following categories: mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles, birds, insects and arachnids.  Ask them which one they studied! Now we are looking at habitats that animals live in.  Each class has a different focus, and we will be researching and presenting our findings in a variety of ways at the end of this unit.

The Central Idea for this unit is that animals characteristics help them survive in their habitats.  We want the children to be inquirers, investigators and thinkers.  They are using these skills to find out the following wonderings: How scientists classify animals based on their characteristics, how animals are uniquely suited to their habitat and how external influences affect an animal’s survival.

We want to establish a better link between what is happening at school in our units, and home.  So now you can ask your children more specific questions about their day!  We hope this helps.


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