Healthy Choices – which exercise?

 This week, Grade 1 students have been trying some different kinds of exercise, to help inform their healthy choices.

On Monday, Ms Jessica took them through a rigorous routine of strength exercises. As they reflected, children began to realize that if the exercise felt easy, it wasn’t working!


They noticed that as they repeated certain exercises, they could feel particular muscles working in their bodies.  They also learned about the importance of warming up before exercise and stretching afterwards.


On Tuesday, they experienced some simple yoga poses. They realized that this type of exercise does different things to your body, including helping your brain, and making you feel calm.






On Wednesday, aerobics was the order of the day. Children quickly realized that this had a completely different impact on their bodies as they began to sweat, breathe quickly, notice their hearts beating hard, and feel the blood pumping all around their bodies!

By reflecting on how each exercise impacted on their bodies and brains, the children have added ideas to their list of ways to make healthy choices.

Our next line of inquiry will be about how our choices affect the people around us. We hope your child is demonstrating how much more knowledgeable, reflective and balanced they have become as this unit has developed!  Please share with your child’s teacher any ideas or choices your child has changed as a result of this unit.


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