Safety At Home: A Message From 1A

As we move from our Healthy Choices unit, into our Where I Live unit, our students have had many questions about how to be safe at home. After reading some interesting books on home safety, our students have a few suggestions:

1. Everyone should know their name, their parent’s names and their parent’s phone numbers. This is in case a child gets lost, they can ask for their parents or have someone call them.

2. Everyone should know how to use a phone so they can call if there is an emergency.

3. Sharp knives or dangerous things should be put away.

4. Parents should help us with hot things. 

5. Children should stay away from poisonous chemicals. 

6. We should be careful with electricity. It might start a fire. 

Our students noted that many of them did not know their parent’s real names and more than half did not know their phone numbers. Many websites encourage parents to start teaching this information as early as 3 years old. Please help your child learn your names and phone numbers, as well as how to use the phone. In an emergency, this can be a vital skill.



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