World Maths Day is coming soon!

World Maths Day is coming soon! It runs for 48 hours from Tuesday 6th March at 2pm, to Thursday 8th March at 2pm (time for 7th March to start and finish all around the world).  All IST students will be taking part in a fun day of Maths!

Ahead of World Maths Day

  • Your child should have received a unique username and password in their link book.
  • Children will have an opportunity to practice at school during their ICT lessons, and will participate in the competition on Wednesday 7th or Thursday 8th March, during a scheduled ICT lab time at school.
  • The dated maths homework for next week from the Grade 1 booklet will be optional. You are encouraged to spend homework time (and extra time if your children are engaged) practicing the maths games online in preparation for World Maths Day.

On World Maths Day

  • Come to school dressed in maths! Be as creative as you want! If you get stuck, perhaps the following math vocabulary will help you: numbers, patterns, symmetry, shapes, half, quarter and so on. Please remember that if your class has P.E. on Wednesday, you should either wear something appropriate for exercise or bring a change of clothes.
  • Come to school prepared to share a snack with the class that represents maths in some way. If you get stuck, consider these ideas: shapes, fractions, arrays and so on.
  • There will be maths related activities organized by parents going on around school during break and lunchtimes,. If you would like to organize a group activity, please feel free to get together and plan something, and let us know what you intend to do, so that we can help with practicalities.

Get ready for a day of fun!!!


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