Building Houses


This last week, the students went on a very exciting field trip to the Village Museum.  The purpose of the trip was to look more closely at how rural Tanzanian houses are constructed.  The children examined the shape, roof and structure.  It is hoped that they now have a better understanding on how they will construct their own model houses.


On March 19th, all first grade students need to bring in materials for their house.  The house will be built at school.  You should have seen a picture of the house that your child would like to build.  The have also begun to make a list of materials that they will need in order to construct the house.


Your job at home is to gather the materials and talk to your child about how they plan to go about constructing their house.  It is essential that your child uses real materials in their construction.  For example, your child cannot use straws to build the structure because real houses are not made of straws.


We have included some pictures of last years’ houses in order to give you more of an idea of the expectation.


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