Process or Product?

Students in Grade 1 have been inquiring into how humans build shelters that reflect their location and background. As part of this unit, they discovered that the materials used to build houses in different parts of the world are chosen for many different reasons, including availability, climate, and strength.

Each student selected a house to research in more detail before having a go at constructing their own model of such a house. This was a very challenging task, and the focus was to explore the PYP attitudes of creativity and commitment.  We discussed whether it would matter most if the final house collapsed, or if we kept trying when faced with a challenge and tried out different ideas.

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Students kept a reflection journal about what they achieved during each building session, how they felt about it, and what they needed to do next. While many were proud of their final models, most have shown pride in their attitude during this project.

Some quotes from reflection journals:

“I built a bush house today, it was very fun and I didn’t give up.”

” I made my house with clay and sticks. I felt frustrated but I relaxed and then I felt happy.”

” I felt angry because of my roof and my walls: they were not straight, they were falling down.”

“I felt like I was a really good builder – I had a good experience.”

“I felt nervous.”

“I felt tired and my hand was aching a lot!”

“I felt proud because I built a neat house. I also felt nervous because I thought I would not make a good house.”

“Worried because it might fall down or I might run out of mud.”


2 Responses to Process or Product?

  1. gidale says:

    great slide show, great unit work,
    Gisela Dale

  2. Shruti Naik says:

    How did you help your students to connect to the different types of houses they made with the actual houses around the world?

    How did the students connected to the buildings they made and to the buildings around the world?

    How were they able to tell the impact of environment and material on the structure of building?

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