Robert Munsch

The Grade 1 classes have been exploring the work of various authors this year. A firm favourite is Robert Munsch, and the children in Ms Ashleigh’s and Ms Sam’s classes took the opportunity to showcase his work in their recent Grade 1 assembly. We read several of his books and began to notice some features of his stories:

  • Robert Munsch has weird and creative ideas for stories
  • each story usually has a part that repeats several times
  • sometimes the writing looks different on the page – especially for the repeating parts
  • there is often a surprise ending
  • His stories make us laugh

We also learned about the man behind the books:

  • Robert Munsch lives in Canada
  • When he was at school he couldn’t spell
  • His brother used to bully him
  • He still acts like he is 6 years old!

We wrote letters to him, and are eagerly awaiting a reply! Find out more about this amazing author at 

We chose the books “Mortimer!” and “More Pies!” to bring to life for our assembly.

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