UOI: Healthy Choices

Grade 1 has started its Unit of Inquiry on Healthy Choices.

Students in first grade are faced with a number of choices they have not encountered before: foods to eat, activities, friendships, games to play, etc. This unit will focus on helping children make good decisions and see how those decisions have an impact on their lives and happiness.

While the unit starts with choices about food, we move into choices about sports and exercise, friendships and social activities. To promote your child’s engagement and learning with this unit, we encourage you to involve your child in daily chores and activities to help them learn to make good choices in the real world. If children are engaged in the decision making and planning process as well as the outcome, they will feel a genuine sense of accomplishment and that their choices have a direct impact. Some ideas might be:

1. Take your children grocery shopping and actively engage them in choosing food for the week. If you are really brave, have them help you plan and cook a meal.

2. Plan weekend activities with your children (as opposed to planning for them).

3. Choose music and make a CD to play in the car or use to dance.

4. Find an interesting art activity, gather the materials together and do the activity. Display the project in a prominent place.

5. Sort toys or old clothes for donation- allow your child to help make decisions about how to sort (color, size, purpose, etc).

Finally, find ways to have fun with your children. I heartily recommend a little bit of silliness, starting with this spoof on a popular song:

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  1. Stacey Smith says:

    My child is no longer at IST, please remove this email from the list. Thank you,

    Jeff Smith

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