Parent- Teacher Conferences: what to expect and making the most of your time

Parent- Teacher conferences are this Friday! The tips below will help to ensure a smooth and productive conference.
  1. Know that you and your child’s teacher are both there for one purpose: to help your child maximize their potential within the framework of IST’s curriculum.  You are both on the same team with different roles.
  2. Your child’s teacher will comment on areas where your child has shown achievement and areas for improvement and growth. Learning never stops, so even if a child is exceeding grade level expectations, your child’s teacher will be looking to help them grow as individuals.
  3. This is the time for specific questions about your child’s learning.  Are there areas you would like to provide more support? Do you have specific concerns about your child’s understanding? Come with these questions. The teacher may answer them in the course of the conference, or you may have time to ask your questions.
  4. Your child’s teacher will take notes on the conference and provide you with a copy of these notes so that you both can refer to them in the future.
  5. Time is limited to 20 minutes only. Please be on time (or a little early) and be willing to leave when time has finished. If there is more to discuss or you have questions after, your child’s teacher is more than happy to schedule an additional meeting time on another day. Please email your child’s teacher in this case.
  6. Know that children often behave differently at school than they do at home. The teacher will offer a different perspective on your child. Think of how your child behaves at home.  Do they deal well with challenges and rules? Do they play well with siblings and peers? What do they enjoy doing during free time? Do they enjoy reading? Writing?  Share these observations with the teacher to give the teacher a better understanding of your child.
  7. Finally, be confident that your child is in good hands with a professional teacher that cares for them! Teachers are happy to talk with parents to help each child succeed.

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