Everyday Maths Unit 3

Visual Patterns, Number Patterns and Counting.

Children will have several experiences with patterns that use objects, colours and numbers.As patterns with numbers are investigated, children will look more closely at patterns found in odd and even numbers. They will observe patterns in the ending digits of counts by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s. Frames-And-Arrows Diagrams will be introduced to help children investigate number sequences.

Children will also continue to develop time-telling and money counting skills. They will practice telling time on the hour and the half-hour.

Finally, we will begin to work on addition and subtraction. This is an important topic. It will be developed throughout the year. It is not too early for children to begin solving very simple problems.


One Response to Everyday Maths Unit 3

  1. Deo Kimera says:

    Thank you! This update is very helpful as I engage Cleopatra to understand more about her studies.

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