Field Trip and Assembly

Greetings First Grade Parents:



Tomorrow is our first grade assembly performed by Ms. Sapna Kanabar and Ms. Jessica Albrent’s classes.



Next week, every class will be taking a field trip to Wonder Welders.  In our unit, we are learning about “Sharing the Planet.” The children are trying to discover ways that they can make their environment better by making good choices.  At Wonder Welders the children will be learning how they can use recycled materials to make something new.  If you would like to donate cans or glass, we will be collecting them next week to bring with us when we go to Wonder Welders.


The schedule for the field trip is as follows.

Tuesday – Ms. Jessica Albrent

Wednesday – Ms. Ashleigh Redman

Thursday – Ms. Tabitha Davis

Friday – Ms. Sapna Kanabar


Please make sure to sign the permission slip so your child does not miss out on this exciting trip!



Next week, three classes will have class photos.

Monday (Nov. 12) – Ms. Tabitha Davis

Thursday (Nov. 15) – Ms. Sapna Kanabar

Friday (Nov. 16) – Ms. Ashleigh Redman


Please send you child in regular uniform with a smile on their face.


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