Do-Anytime Maths Activities

To work with your child on the concepts taught in this unit and previous units, try these interesting and rewarding activities:

  1. Use a standard measuring tool to measure the length of objects in your home to the nearest cm.
  2. Practice counting by 2s using a thermometer.
  3. Tell the time (on the hour, the half hour, or the quarter hour) and have your child draw a picture of a clock to represent each time.
  4. Have your child tell you the time as minutes after the hour. For example: “It is about six, seventeen” or “seventeen minutes after six.”
  5. Have your child tell you a number story for a given number sentence, such as 3 + 5 = 8.  For example: ” I had 3 dogs. Then I got 5 more dogs. Now I have 8 dogs.

One Response to Do-Anytime Maths Activities

  1. Emma Pearson says:

    Thanks – this is useful

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