1R imovie with parents


This morning 1R parents visited the ICT Labs and had the chance to see the imovies that the students created.


Technology Workshop for Parents


tech workshop-27 Nov

ICT Park Design: “How We Organize Ourselves”


For the unit, “How We Organize Ourselves”, students are studying how citizens have responsibilities to fulfill to ensure their communities are safe an happy.

The ICT integration for this unit involves taking a look at how and why parks are important public spaces in a community.  The students had a chance to look at photos of different parks from around the world and to discuss how they are uniquely suited to the communities and environments in which they are located.

One resources for this is an interactive on line resource called Giver from tvokids.com

After exploring different parks, students had the opportunity to design their own community park using the online park builder programme from Giver.

Below are some student samples

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Student Takes Action! – Scratch Programming


Dev, a student from 1A demonstrates to his class how to use Scratch.  Scratch is a computer programming language developed by MIT.  This student took the initiative to learn the software, practice at home for a few weeks, and was then able to share his knowledge with his peers.

Below is a video clip of part of his demonstration.  Very impressive work Dev!!

(Sadly, my filming skill leave a lot to be desired)

ICT – How the World Works


As a culmination to the unit, “How the World Works”, students had the opportunity to use Spore Creature Creator to design animals which were to have certain characteristics that would allow them to survive in a specific habitat.  For example, if a student was given the task to design an animal for a polar habitat, a heavy, white coat of fur and perhaps sharp claws and teeth would be appropriate for a carnivore.  Students understanding of such concepts could be clearly demonstrated in this activity, as well as a vast range of ICT skills including organizing, communicating and creating.

This slideshow is a teacher created sample of some of the steps involved in creating a Polar Bear.

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Student Examples Below

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ICT – Student Posters “Sharing the Planet”


During the course of our Unit, “Sharing the Planet”, students had a chance to inquire into how the behaviour of people can affect the planet.  In doing so, they drew pictures and took photographs of actions and the result of such actions.  Using the “Pages” programme, students altered a template to display their own understanding of this concept.

Below are a few samples taken from each class.

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ICT – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


For our unit, “What’s in the Bin”, Grade 1 students had a chance to watch a short video about the possible effects of the use of disposable garbage.  They then will begin their development of posters which will reflect their understanding of the effects of making certain life choices in regards to waste and the environment.  The posters will be using “Pages” software and an editable template in which the students can share their ideas.


Another video introduces the concept of sorting our recycling from non-recyclable garbage.  Follow up sorting and recycling activities and games can also be accessed through the students’ Netvibes page.