You and Me Concert


You and Me Concert


Wonder Welders Photos


Grade 1 Field Trip to Wonder Welders!!

In this unit, Sharing the Planet, students explore how the materials we use have an impact on the environment. They learnt that bottles, wood, metal and plastic can all be reused. All students made paper out of onion skin, pineapple leaves, cardboard, recycled white paper, banana leaves and water.

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Henna Activity – Friday Fun


Henna Activity - Friday Fun

Do-Anytime Maths Activities


To work with your child on the concepts taught in this unit and previous units, try these interesting and rewarding activities:

  1. Use a standard measuring tool to measure the length of objects in your home to the nearest cm.
  2. Practice counting by 2s using a thermometer.
  3. Tell the time (on the hour, the half hour, or the quarter hour) and have your child draw a picture of a clock to represent each time.
  4. Have your child tell you the time as minutes after the hour. For example: “It is about six, seventeen” or “seventeen minutes after six.”
  5. Have your child tell you a number story for a given number sentence, such as 3 + 5 = 8.  For example: ” I had 3 dogs. Then I got 5 more dogs. Now I have 8 dogs.

Create your own Reading Journal!


Dear Parents,

We have received many positive comments about the Reading Journal Homework that was sent out last week. Several parents have asked for a copy, as their child enjoyed completing this work and discovering new words.

                                                                               Grade 1 Reading Log

Please click on this link to download your own copy:   Grade 1 Reading Journal


From the Grade 1 Team




Dear Parents,

We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of IST this year and after successful musical performances like “Jungle Book”, “Cinderella” and “Dig It!”,  the IST Elementary School will be performing the musical “Pirates of the Curry Bean” in February 2013.  True to tradition, the proceeds of this evening will be donated to a school endorsed community engagement projects.  This year’s projects include Kindwitwi School, with which IST has close ties and the IST Bookclub Initiative, a homegrown community project to provide local primary schools with quality reading books (see info sheet).

To give our participating students (80 children between the age of 6 and 11) an optimal experience on a good stage, using professional light and sound equipment and due to high temperatures in our own school hall, we are once again keen on renting the Little Theatre for our performances.  They charge a standard fee for using the premises to practice, as well as a set fee per performance.

Should you or your company be interested in sponsoring, please contact Ellen Claessens ( ) and she will email you more information.  All sponsorship should be finalized by December.

Looking forward to hearing from you and receiving a positive response,

The Musical Team

Parent Workshop – “Safe Touch”


Safe Touch – Protective approaches to inappropriate touch

Wednesday November 6th, 7:15-8:30 ES Staffroom

Please join the Counselors as they explain how the NEW “Talking About Touching” program will be taught to your children during Guidance Lessons. You will also hear how parents can: reinforce the program’s safety skills at home; protect children from unsafe-touch situations; initiate discussion about family safety rules, such as helping children set personal touching boundaries with both peers and adults; and create an invaluable home-school partnership in connection with this program

Poster Touch Nov 2013 JPEG