A list of Internet Resources to support Grade 1 Student Learning at IST. Click on the links below.

Netvibes – Visual dashboard to help young learners access online resources.

Purple Mash – Quick Link

Student Internet Search Engines

Ask Kids! – students can research information by asking questions
KidRex – safe Internet search for kids, by kids
Fact Hound – sniff out facts on the web


(IST user name and password required)
Ebsco – Access newspapers, magazines, country info, primary sources and much much more

Online Encyclopedias
(IST user name and password required)
Grolier Online – Online encyclopedia
Encyclopædia Britannica – Online School Edition


Raz-Kids! – interactive eBooks for students
StarFall Reading Pactice – a fun way to practice reading online
Earobics! – Game Goo online reading games
Book Adventure – A free reading motivation program for kids


Fact Monster Writing – resource page to help with all kinds of writing
My StoryMaker – create your own story online
Make Beliefs Comix – create your own story in comic strip form


Similar and Opposite – match words with like meanings


Spelling City – a fun way to learn how to spell your own spelling words!
Look Cover Write and Check – interactive spelling game


BBC Dance Mat Typing – practice your typing at school and at home
Super Hyper Spider Typer – practice typing and save Berry the hairy spider!


Math Dictionary for KIDS! – animated, interactive dictionary for students
Johnnie’s Math Page – interactive Math tools and activities
Illuminations – online Math activities for Grade 1
FunBrain Math Arcade – interactive Math games

Place Value and Base 10 Blocks

Manny’s Rumba – place value using base 10 blocks
Place the Penguins – interactive game to learn about place value
Toon University – place value to the thousands place with Duck Von Fly
Place Value Calculator – write numbers by place value
LearningBox – activities using base 10 blocks


US Money

Money Program – learn about and use US coins and bills to pay for items

British Pounds

Change eXchanger – practice giving change with British Pounds

Telling Time

Stop The Clock! 1 – telling time by the 1/2 hour
Stop The Clock! 2 – telling time by 15 minutes
Stop The Clock! R – matching time written to the clock face
Practice Telling Time – a working clock that you can play with to practice telling time
Card Matching Game – match the cards for analogue and digital time

Data and Graphing

Kid’s AOL Graphs – learn about different types of graphs
BBC KS2 Bitesize – Maths data handling games

Computation Games

Math Magicians – addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
tutpup – Practice Maths skills with others around the world
BBC KS2 Bitesize – number games from simple sums to using a calculator

Addition Facts

Dr. Brain’s Robot – practice your addition facts
Number Attack – practice your addition facts
Ambleweb Addition Machine – practice your addition

Subtraction Facts

Ambleweb Subtraction Machine – practice your subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction – race others using subtraction

Sum Sense Games

Sum Sense Addition – single digit addition
Sum Sense Subtraction – single digit subtraction

Number Line Games

Line Jumper – practice Maths skills with a number line

100 Chart Games

Splat Squares – practice skip counting and other fun with 100 chart
Dog Bone – find the bone on the 100 chart

Sorting and Classifying

Monster Madness! – sort and classify the monsters


Geoboard – practice using a Geoboard online
Patch Tool – use pattern blocks to create shapes

Units of Inquiry

How We Organize Ourselves

Collaborative Maps
Learn about Countries – Kbears
Learn about Countries – NatGeoKids

Ducking For Cover

Shelter Online – picture of houses from around the world
Characteristics of Materials – Test materials to find if they are flexible
Sorting and Using Materials – Check if materials are waterproof
Grouping and Changing Materials – Decide what materials are used make something

Animal Classification

Kid’s Corner – Animal classification
Yahoo Kids! – animal facts and information
National Geographic Kids – Creature Features! animal information
ScienceNetLinks – learn about animals that eat insects
SoftSchool – animal classification game

Shooting for the Stars

Kids Astronomy – learn about the outer space
The Planets Song – listen to the song online
Scholastic Magic Schoolbus – learn about space with Magic Schoolbus game
BBC KS2 Bitesize – learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon

Drawing, Painting and Photo Tools

Sumo Paint – paint cool pictures online
Picnik – create, edit and manipulate photos online
Albright-Knox – interactive art games
PBS Kids – Curious George Mix and Paint

Social Studies


Google Scribble Maps – draw an Google maps

Homework HELP!

Kid’s AOL Homework Help Jr. – homework resources for kids

Internet Safety

NetSmartz – be safe online with Clicky and the NetSmartz Kids
Kidsmart – helping kids be smart about using the Internet

Other Resources

BrainPoP Jr. – a fun way to learn with movies, games and activities
Kideos – videos Online just for Kids
Kids Know It – free educational videos for kids


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