1C’s New Species in the Desert


During IT, G1c rounded of their animal unit by creating their own animal.  As our designated habitat this unit was the desert, the animal needed to have certain characteristics that would help them survive in this environment.  Humps to store water, tails that provide shade, tongues to ‘smell’ food, big ears to cool off, camouflage, tails that detach when in danger and long tails to help you ‘stand up’ to look for danger were some of the creative ideas the students came up with.  The students even had to find an original name for their creature!


1E’s New Creatures of the Arctic


The students have been learning about the polar habitat.  They have discovered common characteristics of animals living in the polar habitat such as warm fur, blubber and warm-blooded.  Using this knowledge, the students then created their very own unique polar animal.  Some of them mixed characteristics found in multiple animals and others thought of something completely new.  They then named their new animal and shared how it would keep warm in the polar region.  The students thoroughly enjoyed doing this project.